eBay disaster

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at hachti.de
Mon Apr 5 17:26:41 CDT 2010

> I am assuming that you were hoping for a higher selling price...
Yes, of course!

> First of all, you should have set a reserve price on the auction or a minimum bid of what you
> wanted to "at least" get from the auction.
Puh.. A minimum is possible. But a reserve? I feel uncomfortable when I see this "reserve not met" 
thing in other auctions. So I don't really like that idea.

> The buyer (whatever his rating) may have just signed
> up.
Yes. That's the reason why I refused to limit the group of people who are allowed to bid. If this 
should turn out to be a scam, I'll think different when it comes to further offers.

> I think I would have included the native language write up rather than just in English.
Oh, why? Because of my bad English? The chance to sell this kind of stuff to someone in Germany is 
quite a bit lower than selling it to elsewhere (i.e. US) in the world. So I decided to write in 
English only.

> Second, sometimes just a picture of a box is just what a buyer gets. I would have taken pictures
> of the box insides or even included a stock photo of what the disk pack is that is in the box.
If you looked at the pictures I have put onto the auction you should have seen that I actually have 
photographed a pack lying on the box. Another one, of course. I did not want to open the box - 
opening the box would have spoiled the whole thing.

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>> Hi folks,
>> could someone please explain me THIS? 
>> http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190385486840
>> I don't sell on eBay very often. And from time to time I see people paying astronomical sums
>> for more or less junk. But this time it was me offering stuff - and what did I get? I have no
>> clue who would sell me a used RK05 disk pack in unknown condition for that price. But this was
>> a new in a box one....!
>> What did I do wrong? Was it the winner of the auction who has 0 eBay points? There was
>> absolutely no trace of fraud on my side. I did neither bid with another account nor did I even
>> ask someone to bid on my auctions to drive up the price. That's what I got from it. I hope that
>> the lucky 0 points high bidder on my pack is someone who really exists...
>> Regards,
>> Philipp
>> -- http://www.hachti.de


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