Are QIC 1000 tapes rare?

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at
Tue Apr 6 07:42:51 CDT 2010

On Tue, 6 Apr 2010, Nico de Jong wrote:

>>> Browsing ebay I found 6 new QIC 1000 tapes for it starting at $1 with $5 
>>> shipping "IMATION MAGNUS 46165 QIC 1000- 1.2 GB-B NEW" and put in a bid 
>>> thinking nobody uses this stuff anymore. With 30 minutes currently left it 
>>> has hit $117.50 and all the bids are users with 2000+ feedback. So are 
>>> these things that rare, or do people snag it up to keep the prices 
>>> expensive for corporate users who need tapes? I can't really see a company 
>>> needing new tapes (1.2GB) these days, drives maybe to restore files but 
>>> not new tapes.
>> My goodness...  I probably have 40-50 of these sitting in storage, although 
>> only a few are unused.  Do folks really use QIC-1000 drives anymore?
> Well, some people are buying 8" and 5.25" floppies, so why no QIC-1000 tapes?

I should have said "..using them commercially".


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