chips vs chad

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Re Desoldering ic's

We used a special Weller tip. It consisted of metal block (about the same
size and shape as an IC base with holes where the pins would be) attached to
a Weller tip sleeve (ie the part that held the tip to the heating barrel)
On the component side you had a spring loaded clip that exerted even
pressure on the chip away from the board. Apply said tip to the copper side
of the board and the chip came out complete. Then the solder sucker was used
to clear out the holes. 

Rod Smallwood

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> >> There is an active thread on the list about how to desolder chips. How
> >> do you keep them from burning?
> > That doesn't bother me as 63/37 solder melts somewhat below the
> > temperature at which paper catches fire.  It's *tinning* the darned
> > stuff that's the problem.

On Fri, 9 Apr 2010, Pete Turnbull wrote:
> Easy -- coat them with aquadag and then copper-plate them before tinning.

. . . or fire up the punch, and make a batch of chips out of "tin foil"

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