N* Lives!

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 21:25:46 CDT 2010

Thanks to Dave Dunfield's fine work, I have my Horizon system up and 

One thing still puzzles, me though:  Is it possible to create and boot SD 
diskettes on a DD system?  When I boot at DD and bring up NST, it 
cheerfully writes a SD diskette from an image.  However, that image will 
not boot.  Should this work?

Next hurdle is getting the Morrow Disk Jockey 8" controller hooked in. 
Some of the diskettes I received with the unit (none of which boot) have 
Basic and ASM programs that look like they're intended as support for the 
DJ controller.  Without documentation, this is going to take a bit of 
experimentation, I think.



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