chips vs chad

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Apr 9 13:11:52 CDT 2010

> > Easy -- coat them with aquadag and then copper-plate them before tinning.
> . . . or fire up the punch, and make a batch of chips out of "tin foil"

Most 'tin' foil these days is aluminium. And due to the oxide coating 
it's a right pain to solder to. It is posible to solder to aluminium with 
normal solder and flux (I have done it) -- the trick is to put a drop of 
oil on the aluminium, then scrape the surface under the oil and quickly 
tin it with a hot iron and solder. Most of the time it will tin. Once 
it's tinend it's easy to solder a wire (or whatever) to the aluminium.

But I wouldn't fancy trying to do that with 'tin foil'


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