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dwight elvey dkelvey at
Fri Apr 9 17:00:13 CDT 2010

 The tin whisker problem may change the RoHS thinking.
The problem is that for some applications, they can't allow
the possibility of a tin whisker killing the device.
 Military and medical used come to mind. The difficulty
seems to in locating non-RoHS parts. Many manufactures
have moved to RoHS only. It is difficult to even make
things without one or two parts being RoHS.
 Some claim to have solved the problems with various
methods. None of these methods have the 10 year history
to prove them.
 It seems that it is stresses in the tin that cause these.
Other metals do this as well ( zinc and cadmium are mentioned ).
 From a collectors perspective, these systems will be
soon considered in the 10 year rule ( or 15, 20 etc ).
We'll be fighting these whisker ghost. We may be doing things
like acid dips to flush these out. I may be fighting it
today with an intermittent in a G4 apple.
 Just my thoughts

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