DEC RPR02 on eBay

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> On 4/9/10, E. Groenenberg <quapla at> wrote:
> > Hello Philipp,
> >
> > ...It's an English term and as far as I remember it stand for
> > Time, Love & Craftsmanship, but I guess native English speakers
> > can verify it.
> While that fits the acronym (and perhaps those words are associated
> with TLC in the UK), in the U.S., I've always heard it expanded out to
> "Tender Loving Care".  The resulting meaning is the same as you
> propose in this context (though it skews a bit when referring to
> giving a person some "TLC").

Same here, TLC has always meant "Tender Loving Care" to me. However,
checking on Acronym Finder finds 123 meanings!
Here's a link to the first page:

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