RoHS nonsense, was: Desoldering Chips, was Re: Can someone,

N0body H0me n0body.h0me at
Sat Apr 10 01:41:54 CDT 2010

>> Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on the lead/lead free
>> solder changover at the D500/505/600 to D610 line in the Latitudes....
>> I have not researched it to verify the hypothesis and am simply going
>> by memory. (which I've learned sometimes can be hazardous :-) )
> I don't know about Dell boxes, but google "Xbox red ring of death"
> for some good anecdotal material.
> --Chuck

I work in the communications industry, and most of the radio products
made now are RoHS.  Many of the troubles I see in equipment made in
last few years are solder related: Improper re-flow, insufficeint
solder, cracked joints, etc.  

The problem with the whole RoHS thing is that the typical solder 
formulation (60/40 tin/lead, for example) was chosen because it's 
formulation was optimal for the job.  The stuff they have to use 
now obviously isn't. 

We'll have a clean environment, but crappy electronic products.


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