Anyone know anything about Infoton terminals?

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Sat Apr 24 21:13:55 CDT 2010

Picked up an old terminal today (even though I'm *supposed* to be 
slimming down my collection... sigh).  Just couldn't resist.

Its only identifying marks either internally or externally are the name 
"Infoton".  There does not appear to be a model designation. 

I've put up some pictures at 
(warning: large images)

Logic appears to be TTL, there is no CPU as far as I can tell.  Date 
codes on ICs are from '72-'73, and one of the boards and the keyboard 
PCB have labels indicating "12/73" so I assume this particular model is 
from late 1973.  It appears to talk current loop and RS-232 but I have 
no idea what the wiring for the connector is (or even what *kind* of 
connector it is -- see the pictures above).

I haven't had a chance to clean it up yet, but after a bit of contact 
cleaner on the power switch, it appears to work fine, at least in local 
mode.  Seems to do 80x24 chars, uppercase only with underlining. Infoton 
shows up in termcap/terminfo entries, so that's a good start...

Anyone know anything else about this beast (history, tech specs, etc?) I 
believe, from my research thus far, that Infoton later became General 
Terminal.  (General Terminal is rather hard to search for on the 'net 
due to it being a fairly common phrase... so I'm not sure how helpful 
that's going to be...)

Thanks as always,

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