RK8E controller board revisions - Chaos ahead, help needed

Vincent Slyngstad vrs at msn.com
Mon Apr 26 09:32:09 CDT 2010

> I'm currently dealing with some RK8E Omnibus RK05 controller board sets.
> I was unable to assemble even one stable RK8E from the stuff. I assume a 
> high failure rate. But I also assume that I have board revision 
> problems. I've been told that several revisions existed. And that there 
> were compatibility issues and some kind of paper (which I do not have) 
> telling what fits what.
> I don't even know if the revisions are PCB revisions like "M7104 B2" 
> written in the etch or if there are also FCOs or alike that make boards 
> with same etch incompatible to other boards.

It is possible that some of your boards are actually for an RK8F instead 
of an RK8E.  I understand there were some blue-wire differences, and I'd 
certainly not expect RK8F stuff to work anywhere but in the DW8E (and
with the rest of an RK8F).

> But I have other boards flying around here as well.
> Do stamps like "310 D" on the backside of the boards have any meaning 
> with respect to board revision or FCO level?
> Another question is how to get different board revisions associated
> with the right schematics.
> I strongly appreciate any piece of enlightenment since I'm currently 
> getting depressed by that stuff. Even if I have bad boards - it won't 
> make sense to try to repair something if the whole is inconsistent in 
> itself.

I'd also be interested to see some kind of write-up about how to 
distinguish these boards in the field.


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