"The Hard Disk You've Been Waiting For"

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Wed Apr 28 12:32:07 CDT 2010

On 27 Apr 2010 at 21:10, Steven Hirsch wrote:

> The 8" IMI drive in one of my older Corvus drives has a clear plexi
> cover as does the Fujitsu 8" unit I'm wrestling with currently. 
> Seemed to be a popular design for the larger form-factor units.  I
> guess they figured if you're paying $5k for a drive you should be able
> to watch it work :-).

We got a 5.25" IMI sample drive  (like the one in the Corvus Apple 
box)  in for evaluation and played with it for a couple of weeks.  It 
was fun lifting the front end of the drive off the horizontal and 
listening to the servo go nuts as it attempted to overcome 
gravitational forces.    We decided to stick wtih our SA4000 suitcase 
and wait for "normal sized" 5.25" drives to mature a bit.


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