i8355 from SDK-85 flakey

Chris Elmquist chrise at pobox.com
Thu Apr 29 10:44:12 CDT 2010

On Wednesday (04/28/2010 at 01:51PM -0700), dwight elvey wrote:
> Hi
>  I was thinking about the problem that it would work after
> freeze spray, until powered on again.
>  It might be that the failing bit was only used during boot
> and not needed for the normal monitor operation.
>  This would then fail on the next reboot.
>  Just some idle thinking.

Yes... that makes good sense Dwight.  Some marginal bits in the
initialization code or some such.   Scoping the bus does seem to indicate
that it is more software related...  ie, I am not seeing weird levels
or signs that outputs are driving outputs or unable to drive full swing.
It just seems to run a little and then stop when it is not frozen.


Chris Elmquist

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