a generic 486 system bid up to $105?

Jim MacKenzie jim at photojim.ca
Fri Apr 30 11:07:56 CDT 2010

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Well, I'm probably going to be looking for a 386-based machine at some
point.  I own several distributions of Xenix and Unix for the 80386
and I'd like a real machine to run them on.
I actually still have a running 486 (IBM PS/ValuPoint, 32 MB RAM, named 
canberra).  In fact I just built a new kernel for it this week since Debian 
Squeeze wanted some different flags than my existing custom kernel, and the 
stock Debian kernel doesn't work (no floating-point math support?  My 486 is 
an SX).

I don't know why I keep it running, but it's rock-solid reliable so I'd feel 
bad about getting rid of it.  It was my first *nix machine.


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