Greetings fellow classiccmp'ers

Jim Brain brain at
Sun Aug 1 17:22:01 CDT 2010

On 8/1/2010 2:55 PM, Tim Shoppa wrote:
> I'd like to update the classiccmp server (OS, apache, mysql, & mailman)
>> soon. To aid in that transition, I will probably temporarily migrate
>> all the sites&  list to one of our clusters, load the classiccmp
>> server from scratch, and then migrate everything back. I'll
>> keep the list posted when I start down that path.
> Having recently migrated all the stuff on * to a 2010
> era server (as opposed to the 2000 era server it was on - previous
> to that it had been on an Alpha with VMS, and previous to that it
> had been on a VAX with VMS) with
> fresh installs of all the software I was pleasantly
> surprised with the advances that have been made in apache and mailman
> configuration over time especially with respect to virtual domains etc.
> In particular the Ubuntu distribution was very straightforward to deal with...
> after I had adopted to the more modern configuration techniques.
On the Google Groups list I manage, the admin interface has an option to 
"moderate first post".  I suspect it puts all new users in a probation 
list, and then whitelists them once the moderator has moderated their 
first post to the list.  I wonder if the mailman/etc. solutions have 
something similar.


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