Pronouncing acronyms (was Re: DEC acronyms)

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood at
Mon Aug 2 01:46:06 CDT 2010

The ones I do remember 

1. BA11-ES always referred to as a Balls box

2. RSTS as Ristus

3. RSX as Our sex

Plus those pronounced as written MUMPS, HASP, KMON, RMON 

Rod Smallwood

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On 7/30/10, Tony Duell <ard at> wrote:
>> One of my "hobbies" (some
>> might call it an obsession) is figuring a way to pronounce any given
>> acronym as a word....
> :-)
> I've been know to refer to the 5150 as the 'I-Bum Puck' :-). The first
> 'I' is short --'e' not 'eye' as I pronounce it...

Here, I've heard "Ih-bem Peck" (same 'i' sound you describe), but it
was usually used in a less-than-flattering context.

The most gratuitous example of this I can recall is the Sesame Street
character Big Bird attempting to pronounce the 26-letter Western
alphabet as a single word
("ab-cer-def-gee-jeckle-mernop-kur-stoov-wik-siz" -


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