DG 800/1200 questions

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Aug 2 13:32:44 CDT 2010

> No, not the same. C64, like pretty much every other 1980's home  
> computer, used plain (Type I, ferro) audio cassettes; but I distinctly  
> remember seeing tape streamer tapes listed in catalogues with the same  
> mechanical characteristics as audio cassettes, bar for a cutout in the  
> center of the long, narrower side of the housing. This presumably to  
> prevent regular audio cassettes from being used in the tape drives.  
> I'd assume they had at least different magnetic properties, if not  
> minor mechanical differences, too.

AFAIK apart from that notch, they are mechanically the same -- same 
positieond of spools, capstan holes, head access hole, etc. Same design 
of spool/hub. Same position of the write-protect hole. I don't think 
there were any mirros for optical sensorts in the data cassetes either, 
but they may well have detected the clear leader by reflecitons off the 
cassette shell, so only light-coloured cassettes would work.


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