Pronouncing acronyms (was Re: DEC acronyms)

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1. I once nearly took a job with them
2. I thought they were called Ball as opposed to Balls.
3. I have several of the Ball VT100 boards referred to but lack a circuit
diagram to fix them. It would be a Ball diagram as opposed to a DEC one.

4. No, the circuit is not in any of the DEC VT100 manuals.

Rod Smallwood

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> The ones I do remember=20
> 1. BA11-ES always referred to as a Balls box

That would have been confusing to me. Balls Brothers were a company 
well-known for embedded video monitors in the 1970s/1980s, including at 
leat one version of the VT100 video board. So a 'Balls Box' to me would 
be a VT100 (or something) with a Balls Brothers video board.

> 2. RSTS as Ristus

It was normally 'rustus' among the people I knoew who used it...

Getting away from DEC for a moment...

I have been known to pronouch 'CRT' as 'Crut'.

But oddly, I almost never pronouce LED as 'led'. It's always 'Ell Eee 
Dee' (or 'Lima Echo Delta' if I am being more silly than normal :-))


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