preserving computers (was: retr0brite not so right?)

jim s jws at
Mon Aug 2 17:54:48 CDT 2010

On 7/31/2010 5:16 PM, joe lobocki wrote:
> so wait, how much vacuum  would destroy something? I have a few things
> sealed in Foodsaver bags, is this enough vaccum to do damage?
Evacuated bags really still leave the enclosed material at atmospheric 
pressure.  The problem would arise if you had a piece of plastic in 
actual hard vacuum and the plastics and volatiles would gradually 
sublime into the surrounding.

All that vacuum packing should do is ensure a very tight fit of the 
plastic to the stored object.  I'd worry more about the stuff you have 
trapped inside, and whether the vacuum plastic enclosure is acid free, 
or is nonreactive with what you have stored.
> On 7/31/10, Tony Duell<ard at>  wrote:
>>> So, everything needs to be in a vacuum in the dark?
>> I would think a vacuum would be a very bad idea. Plenty of things will
>> outgass (and thus change their properties) in a moderate vacuum.
>> -tony

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