To scrap or not to scrap?

Christian Corti cc at
Thu Aug 5 04:04:47 CDT 2010

On Wed, 4 Aug 2010, Chris M wrote:
>> * I came across a box of Token Ring and Arcnet stuff.
>> Mostly NICs.
> don't scrap

Well, usually nobody wants that, too common and no demand.

>> * IBM PC AT and around
> don't scrap that. and around what?

If they are original IBM systems, then I agree. If they are clones, I 
usually salvage the drives, perhaps the I/O cards if they are exotic. 
Otherwise I'd junk them, you'll drown in those systems otherwise.

>> * Sun Ultra 1 (or 5?) pizza boxes
> no in any event. U5s are kinda sorta desirable as modern machines. You 
> can always give them to some kid or whatever (who wants to learn a 
> *real* yooniks

Eh, I even have some Ultra60, Ultra80 and Ultra10 that nobody wants. And I 
definitely don't want an Ultra1 for playing (we still have some in service 
here, but they're not really fun). I'd prefer the older sun[1-3] and 
sun4/sun4m. Small UltraSparc systems are really dirt common. You can be 
happy if someone takes one for free. Don't expect any money.

>> * 5.25" and 8" disk floppy drives and HDDs
> definitely don't scrap


>> * Philips P4500 computer (or 5400?)
> don't know what that is. you coulda told us. And you really should make 
> up your mind here.

This is from the 1987 edition of Computer Review:
"Introduced in 1980, the Philips P4500 is an interactive business computer 
system designed for small business distributed-processing networks. The 
P4500 employs 'team processor' architecture, which delegates functions 
usually performed by the CPU to dedicated special-purpose processors. ANSI 
COBOL is the major programming language under the DINOS 4000 operating 

Then further on:
"Word size: 16 bits, Memory: 256 to 1024kB MOS, Memory Cycle Time: 563ns
Magnetic Tape: P3540: 1600bpi, 37ips
Line Printer: P2910/62/65:100-600lpm
Serial Printer: P2931:100cps;P2934:300cps
System Software: Real Time Monitor, Batch Monitor, Data Base Sys, 
Operating System: DINOS 4000
Sold primarily in Western Europe"

I'd be curious what the CPU is.


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