To scrap or not to scrap?

Angel Martin Alganza ama at
Thu Aug 5 06:18:08 CDT 2010


On Thu, Aug 05, 2010 at 11:04:47AM +0200, Christian Corti wrote:
> >>* Sun Ultra 1 (or 5?) pizza boxes
> >
> >no in any event. U5s are kinda sorta desirable as modern machines. You 
> >can always give them to some kid or whatever (who wants to learn a 
> >*real* yooniks
> Eh, I even have some Ultra60, Ultra80 and Ultra10 that nobody wants. And I 
> definitely don't want an Ultra1 for playing (we still have some in service 

I'd love to have an Ultra 5, or any of those you mentioned for that
matter.  My main workstation is an Ultra 1 running Debian GNU/Linux.


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