OT?: Re: A New York Town where Pinball is illegal

E. Groenenberg quapla at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 11 01:08:51 CDT 2010

Well if the mayor says 'it is a slow process' why not handing out a
permit with a set time that allows that venue to 'show and operate
vintage arcade machines' for entertainment purposes?

In that case both sides are happy, the owner to continue his business
and the council to go though the process.

Oh well, burocrats.....


> I had to post this because it talks about a venue that would be dear to
> many people here..
> Guy puts together a vintage pinball and games museum in NY
> NY has old law stating pinball is illegal
> He will probably go out of business.
> http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/crime/2010/08/07/pkg.chernoff.pinball.ban.cnn?

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