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steve shumaker shumaker at
Wed Aug 11 13:52:32 CDT 2010

yes!  definitely update this with more details!


On 8/11/2010 1:32 PM, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On 8/11/10 1:09 PM, Alexandre Souza - Listas wrote:
>>>   I've seen pages documenting this, but that was years ago.  The chip
>>> sales sites (for companies who may or may not actually HAVE the chips
>>> they're trying to sell, grumble) have certainly swamped that stuff, as
>>> you've found.  I suggest progressive google search refinement to find
>>> the right stuff, as I know it's out there.
>>     There is an add-on for firefox that you can isolate entire sites or
>> sections of sites on google search. I use it at home, in my desktop.
>> Unfortunately my desktop is still stored (I may remember you I just
>> moved to Sao Paulo). But I'll try to look for it this week
>    Oh, I'd love that; the whole "" domain would
> finally hit the bit bucket from my browser's perspective.  Please let me
> know the name of this add-on when you can?
>            -Dave

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