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Charlie Carothers csquared3 at tx.rr.com
Thu Aug 12 21:43:58 CDT 2010

Tony Duell wrote:

> I wonder what the copyright from 1960 covers?
> -tony
My bad!  The combination of poor quality text and my 71 year old eyes 
did me in again. :-)  My daughter says if you turn it "just so" the Ms. 
Pac-Man copyright date does look like 1960, but it is actually 1980. 
Yep, that makes a lot more sense.  In 1960 I suppose about the only 
thing to play a computer game on would have been either a mini or a 
mainframe - actually I think it would have had to be a mainframe.  Based 
on a *very* quick web search, the first PDP-8 shipped in 1964, so if 
that was the first mini...  Some might say the IBM 1620, introduced in 
1959, was a mini but I think that is a stretch.

Just for completeness, here are all the copyright dates as best my 
daughter can read them:
Ms. Pac-Man 1980
Galaga 1981
Pole Position 1982
Mappy 1983
Xavious 1982

Charlie C.

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