Pronouncing acronyms (was Re: DEC acronyms)

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Aug 13 13:02:06 CDT 2010

> >> Concerning dismantling lenses in order to clean helicoids, diaphragm
> >> blades etc. you might be interested in Chuck Cole's opinions as
> >> expressed in the ManualMinoltaFree Yahoo group. Somehow I imagine you
> >> might disagree with him, or else you might explain your method of
> >> dealing with the issues he feels so strongly about...
> > 
> > Well, if he's suggesting spaying soemthing into the lens (yes, I have 
> > seen that suggested!), I certainly disapprove. If he;'s suggesting 
> > removing the optical elemenets and applyuing solvent/lubricantmix to the 
> > mount, then that's slightly better, but IMHO that's a method used by 
> > people who can't handle tools and small parts properly, and if you're not 
> > careful, it simply shifts the gummy lubricant, etc, elsewhere where it 
> > will cause toruble lateer. I really do prefer to clean each part separately.
> Chuck is also a regular contributor to the camera-fix group, and some 
> might describe him as, hmm, assertive perhaps, occasionally abrasive 
> maybe, and I've even seen someone describe him as arrogant.  His 
> attitude to cleaning focussing mechanisms would certainly not involve 
> any aerosol, and lubricant (of a petrochemical variety at least) 
> wouldn't be part of his vocabulary in the context of an iris diaphragm!

I thought somebody said I'd _disagree_ with him. So far I can see nothing 
to complain about.

Oil is bad new on diaphragm blades, it causes htem to stick. They should 
be dry -- the only lubricant I would consider using would be graphite, 
and tht shouldn't be necessary. If a diaphragm is sluggish, it's 
normally becuaseit has lubricant, not because it;s lacking lubricant.
>   In fact the last thing I recall him getting het up about re threads 
> was that he believes only special lubricants should be allowed near a 
> lens, and that what's suitably for a focussing screw wouldn't be the

I wouldn't go that far. I think the generic focusing grease avaiable 
from, say, MicroTools would be OK on most lens helical threads. Actualy, 
I've used normal high melting point grease there with no problems.


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