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Tony Duell ard at
Fri Aug 13 13:37:33 CDT 2010

> I sympathize with people who just want to use better tools than those presc=
> ribed by the IT department, but I also sympathize with an IT department tha=
> t has to spend endless hours helping people who don't really know what they=
> 're doing but insist on non-standard configurations.  -- Ian=20

There is an attitude that's prevalent over here that if you ware not 
empluyed to do <foo> or if you don't have a bit of paper saying you can 
do <foo> then you must be totally clueless about <foo>

In this cae, if ytou're not a member of the IT department, then you can't 
ppossibly know anything about computers. In some cases that may well be 
true, but somebody employed, say, as oftware developer or an electronic 
design engineer is likely to have some idea about to configure his PC and 
what tools he wants to use on it.

This is nto a new problem, BTW. I ran into it over 20 years ago when the 
computer I wished to use as part of dedicated data logging/control system 
was forbiddend becase the IT depeatment couldn't repair it and coulding 
get the components to fix it. Poinint out that I was planning on gettign 
the full service manaul containing scheamtics and that all the components 
(in the sense that I use the term) were avaiable from RS and/or Farnell 
didn't help...

This was when I discovered that there are plenty of so-called 'hardware 
support' people who can't follow a simple sxcehmatics and plenty of 
'customer support' people in computer companies who's idea of support is 
to read the manual to you very slowly, mis-pronouncing many of the 
technical terms. I was not amused...


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