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Fri Aug 13 15:30:26 CDT 2010

> > Now you have me thinking about how fun it'd be to try if you hada few 
> > 5150s... maybe one for the network stack, one for display, and one for 
> > intermediate processing, all linked together via some homebrew parallel
> > link :-)
> The easier approach IMO is to treat the 5150 as a smart terminal and
> put all the web browser smarts on another machine.  The 5150 interacts
> with the browser through a serial port connection.

I did that for HyperLink 2.5 for the C64. A Perl proxy ran on the other
side and distilled down HTML into an intermediate page description language
that the C64 displayed.

It worked pretty well, but if I did it again, I would have made the page
language more SGML-like (it was based on an earlier offline hypermedia
package I wrote that I repurposed as a browser).

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