SparcBook Tadpole

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Sat Aug 14 01:13:12 CDT 2010

Doesn't it have the OBP, you can also get the contants of the NVRAM or
program it using the built in forth

On 8/13/10 10:16 PM, "dwight elvey" <dkelvey at> wrote:

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>> Subject: Re: SparcBook Tadpole
>> On 8/12/10 10:08 AM, dwight elvey wrote:
>>>>> Under SunOS, you can use the program called "eeprom" to dump out most
>>>>> of the important contents. As far as restoring it, I'm not sure about
>>>>> that, as I don't know what ROM-based code the very early SPARCbooks use.
>>>>> One way to do it might be to read it out using an EPROM programmer.
>>>>> My Data I/O supports the MK48T02, for example.
>>>> I think I can read it with my programmer. At least with an adapter to make
>>>> it think it is a 2716.
>>>> I tried the "eeprom" and it didn't work :(
>>>> This must be before someon realized it was a good idea. Acording
>>>> to the history page I saw, the SparcBook was relatively early in
>>>> the history of things.
>>> Do you think I could use the program adb with /dev/nvram?
>>> Could I use it to display and or edit the nvram values?
>> If /dev/eeprom or /dev/nvram exists, you may be able to use that. Try
>> to dump the contents via that interface and see if it actually maps to
>> the hardware. You can try "od -x /dev/nvram" to do a hex dump.
> Hi Dave
>  No eeprom command :(
>  I tried the od command. not real interesting. Mostly nul and some ascii
> strings. Things like /vmunix and RAMDram and stuff. I'd guess it is
> some of the info extracted from the NVRAM on boot.
> Dwight

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