EPROM programming (27c160's)

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at philpem.me.uk
Sat Aug 14 12:52:28 CDT 2010

On 12/08/10 20:25, Tony Duell wrote:
>> I'm still waiting for an EPROM programmer with Linux software available.
> Make one!. The programming specs for most EPROMs are available, I think...

Indeed. "Universal 32-pin programmer" is on my 'potential projects' 
list. 32 MOSFET pin drivers, a couple of separate power supplies with 
variable current limit, and an FPGA to do the heavy lifting (timing, I/O 
expander, that sort of thing).

> Are enough of the programming algorithms documented to make this
> possible?

The GAL programming algorithms have been figured out. C't and Elektor 
published them a few years ago, and Manfred Winterhoff designed the 
GALBlast around them. The hardware is fine, but the software is 
horrendous -- all stuffed into one C file, makes extensive use of 16-bit 
Windows APIs, and is about as portable as a skyscraper...

 > For the fusible-link PROMs (and PALs), every manufactuer seemed
> to do it their own way. Some would release the programming specifications
> (they were even sometimes in the data sheets), others wouldn't.

I'm only really interested in the Signetics 82S series, and maybe some 
of the MMI parts (assuming I can find programming specs). Anything else 
would be a "nice to have".

> Ditto for GALs (although, actually, geting any programmign specification
> for those was 'interestings')

Indeed. Lattice won't give out any info on them, period. I asked a few 
years ago, and I got exactly five words in response: "We don't provide 
that information."

MaWin's documentation and the Elektor article, combined with the 
GALBlast sources ("Use The Source, Luke!") provide more than enough info 
to do a decent GAL programmer.

The one thing that is as finicky as hell on the GALBlast is the damn Vcc 
switch. Stupid thing has an insane amount of voltage drop, if I ever use 
the thing again (translation: if I can find it) I'll be swapping the NPN 
driver for a MOSFET (possibly with a BJT gate-driver).

classiccmp at philpem.me.uk

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