cctech Digest, Vol 84, Issue 16

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Aug 14 14:47:16 CDT 2010

> Use alkaline or silver oxide. Any small error in exposure caused by the
> difference in voltage is compensated for by the exposure latitude of the
> film. I had my OM-1 modified with the Schottky diode setup, works

That depends o nthe film. It would be find for negative film (B&W or 
colour), but I think it would be too far out for colour slides. You could 
probbly compensate by mis-settign the film speed control though.

> perfectly. I believe it would probably work just as well without the
> diode.
> And as far as the diode goes, I have heard one person claim that it is
> entirely pointless because the voltage drop over the diode varies so
> much with the ambient temperature that the compensating effect is
> essentially nullified.

I will have to measure it, but I didn't think the voltage drop varied 
that much over the normal temperature range.


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