Static RAM chip source (& S-100 related questions...)

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Sat Aug 14 20:43:39 CDT 2010

Hi all --

I finally have procured enough hardware to get my IMSAI 8080 running 
again, albeit in a very barebones state.  I currently have only 16K of 
working (and compatible) memory and am trying to get an additional 32K 
static RAM board working again (It's an IMS board, see:

Mine is missing a number of memory chips; these are 5257 4Kx1 (I believe 
from my research the TMS4044 is equivalent).  Can anyone suggest a 
reputable place to pick up half a dozen or so of these for a reasonable 
price?  There are a few on ebay for $6 each, which seems a little steep 
(but perhaps my expectations are out of order...)

I'm also looking for a manual for a PSS RAM65.  I believe this is a 16K 
DRAM board.  It's the only S-100 board in my collection that I haven't 
managed to find a manual or schematic for...

Once I get the memory situation resolved I hope to get a floppy disk 
system working.  I currently have a Tarbell 1011D in unknown condition 
-- is this a decent card to work with (and can it be made to work with 
5.25" drives?), or would I be better off finding something else?

Thanks as always,

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