[gopher] OT: Anyone interested in text editor programming? (fwd)

Rich Alderson RichA at vulcan.com
Mon Aug 16 13:18:30 CDT 2010

From: Cameron Kaiser
Sent: Saturday, August 14, 2010 11:35 PM

>> $DEITY, I hate children who think that because something is unknown to them
>> it must be unknown to all the world!

> Rich, I can tell you feel strongly, but I had never heard of Video TECO
> either, so is republishing it and bringing it up to date not a good thing?

> I'm sort of regretting posting Nick's announcement here, given the response
> has been generally negative.

Cameron, there is a Usenet newsgroup called alt.lang.teco, as well as those
devoted to various DEC architectures and those devoted to Emacs in all its
variants, and even alt.folklore.computers (to the extent that it hasn't been
ruined).  Nick does not appear to have asked in any of these fora about the
existence of video-friendly TECO implementations.

Further, the code he is publishing *AND PUTTING UNDER LICENSE* belongs to
someone else, someone with whom he states he has not been able to contact.
That is so far from OK that I am surprised that I'm the only one who has
had anything to say about it (in public?).

I thought about going off and registering on the DebIan list in question,
but I hate to drop in on a list just to scold someone who presumably ought
to know better.  If you want to forward my comments, feel free to do so,
as long as you scrub the e-mail address (work) and substitute my Linux
mailing lists address "linux at alderson.users.panix.com" (personal) before
doing so.

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