Tons of tapes and diskpacks for TI-990 computer

Jay West jwest at
Tue Aug 17 09:15:09 CDT 2010

> Allan Frogger in Central California writes:
> ""  I have DS5 diskpacks (5 MB)  and DS80 diskpacks (80MB)  (heavy copper, 
> 12"? platters, in polycarbonate shells) for a TI 990 computer,  as well as 
> extra terminals with screen and keyboards.
> I also have reel tapes for TI and many 8" floppies, many in original 
> boxes - they are all functional as I used them on my TI990 system before I 
> moved. ""
> See pictures here:
> Contact Allen at <allanfrogger at> if interested

I have a TI-900, but it's far down the list of machines I'm going to restore 
any time soon. As a result, I don't want to speak up for the media above but 
I hope whoever gets it makes it available at some point!


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