How about Series/1?

Robert J. Stevens trebor77 at
Wed Aug 18 07:11:24 CDT 2010

How about Series/1?
The Series/1 was the first entry by IBM into the minicomputer market as such.

I just happen to have one sitting in my Basement. Brought it home around 1992 but never got it up and running. Should have added a 110 Volt 30 AMP Circuit but didn't. Its a 4952/4953 Half Rack W/a 9Meg HD setup for 110 Volts. Plus I have a external Floppy drive that used to work. I had an IBM Guy convert a 4955 Model E to 110 volt but I also have to original 4952. I plan on firing up the individual components through my Lab-Volt with a variable 120 Volt 3.5 Ampere Output if that will work without blowing something. "Any Thoughts Anyone???"
Anyone out there running a tape drive setup that could read 6250 10" reels. I have about a Dozen, mostly backup tapes from the Working system. One is an IBM Diagnostic Tape. Maybe I can get in running. Going out west for a couple of weeks to Pan out some Gold flakes. A couple of Ounces will give me some cash to work with. Been retired since 1996 so Income is sparse.
Bob in Wisconsin

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