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>> It's really not that surprising considering they're the high-tech version 
>> of
>> the knuckle-dragging, beer swilling ass-hats that populate the low-tech
>> scrap industry.
> So...now you know why the scrap industry generally does not like us.
> Scrappers are not stupid, but they can certainly be spiteful.
> --
> Will

They can be. If they think something is worth $4000 and you offer only $400 
they would rather crush it then look like a chump. Some of that has to do 
with the fact that they make money without side sales just by scrapping, and 
have no money in the items (get them free or charge a recycling fee). Its 
not just scrappers, even some collectors who get things free and think they 
are worth major money will do the same thing because it is "not worth their 
time" to deal with lower offers. 

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