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Sun Aug 22 08:26:01 CDT 2010

> From: wdonzelli at gmail.com
> > It's really not that surprising considering they're the high-tech version of
> > the knuckle-dragging, beer swilling ass-hats that populate the low-tech
> > scrap industry.
> So...now you know why the scrap industry generally does not like us.
> Scrappers are not stupid, but they can certainly be spiteful.
> --
> Will

 Sometimes they don't know the values of the items they have
and often don't want to take the time to find out. I had a neighbor
that was a scrapper ( mostly stainless steel and food processing machinery ).
He had a bunch of Standard Bus boards that he asked if I wanted
any. I took a couple as I thought many of them had too great a
value as is or for the components.
 Later, I found that he'd sold then by the pound. Each one had
a 80C187 chip on it. Just one of those was worth more than he
got for the entire pile. I wish now that I'd save the lot. He was
an OK guy just trying to pay the rent.

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