Should you correct production mistakes?

James Wilson james at
Wed Aug 25 17:19:30 CDT 2010

Tony Duell wrote:
> When you are cleaning up and restoring a piece of classic computer 
> hardware, would you correct any minor mistakes made in the original 
> production?
> .....
Personally I'd correct it. I've generally tried to restore the few 
machines I have owned in my "rolling collection" to a working state. Now 
in my case I'm not so competent at the circuit level so for example I've 
been known to replace the power supply in an Indigo with a modern PC 
unit but hidden in the original casing. Asthetically you wouldn't know 
and the machine has several more useful years as a result.
Like you, I think these machines should be shown to work, and ideally 
used for some purpose. The heat and stress inside a CRT casing is no 
place for shoddy construction!

On the other hand there's a strong case for not tinkering with "quirks" 
that made it to production and affect all machines of a given type since 
they define the character.


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