Burroughs parts? (was Re: PROMS but from what ?)

MikeS dm561 at torfree.net
Thu Aug 26 13:00:38 CDT 2010

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Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 01:09:00 -0400
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Subject: Burroughs parts? (was Re: PROMS but from what ?)

On 8/25/10, MikeS <dm561 at torfree.net> wrote:
> Are you sure that they're PROMs?
> They might be Burroughs numbers, but not PROMs (at least not the ones I
> looked up).
> For instance:
> 1447 3581    7438    4x2 NAND gate
> 1447 3540    7410    3x3 NAND gate
> 1447 3797    9322    4x2to1 MUX
> 2600 1495    7404    6xINV

Hey!  I  think I've got a tackle box full of stuff like this.  One
drawer is marked "3581 '38" for example.

I picked up the tacklebox and the chips from a vendor at Dayton some years 

It's loaded with the following part numbers (dates listed are 

  1447-3532  SN7404N  7909  (Nat'l Semi/Signetics/TI)
  1447-3524  SN7408N  7650  (Nat'l Semi/Signetics/ITT/TI)
  1447-3540  7410F       7915  (Nat'l Semi/Signetics/ITT)
  1447-3565 7420          7907  (Signetics/ITT/TI)
  1447-3607 SN7474N   7836  (TI/Fairchild/Signetics)
  1447-3615 74107N     7912  (Nat'l Semi/Fairchild/Signetics)
  1447-3557 74H11N     7738   (Nat'l Semi/ITT/Signetics)
  1447-3581 7438N       7838   (Nat'l Semi/ITT/Signetics)
  1447-3797 SN74157   7827  (Nat'l Semi/ITT/TI)
  1447-3771 SN74161N 7701 (Nat'l Semi/TI/AMD)
  1447-3755 74195        7644  (Signetics/TI/AMD)
  1447-3722 74155        7709 (Signetics/TI)
  1447-3714 SN74153   7832  (Nat'l Semi/Signetics/TI)

... plus a mish-mash in a bin marked "misc"... part numbers include 1447-*
  * == 3599, 3706, 3623, 3698, 3789, 3649 and several more

Until this thread, I had no idea the 1447-* numbers were Burroughs.

Is anyone restoring such equipment and looking for spares?  My own
interest are such that if I used these anywhere, it'd be to replace
parts gone bad in DEC M-series modules for my PDP-8/i and PDP-8/Ls.
In particular, I'm always hunting for 7474s since those seem to be
favored to fail in the gear I have (along with 7440s, statistically).

Is there a list of these part numbers?  The ones I gave happen to be
listed with both the 1447-* numbers _and_ 74-series TTL numbers.  The
misc drawer has numerous ones with only 1447-* numbers, and I'd like
to know what's what.




Have a look at the cross-reference on Bitsavers:

and if there are any that you can't find, send me a PM and I'll see what I 
can find; I have another list or two but no idea where they came from, as 
well as some dead-tree stuff from my days at BBM.


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