Terminal servers (Xyplex 1600 series)

Tom Watson tsw-cc at johana.com
Sat Aug 28 03:15:02 CDT 2010


I thought it would be "easy", just hook it up and let it go.  I thought I had the proper load file (xpcsrv20.sys) in the /tftpboot directory.  TCPDumps seemed to indicate that I should have a proper file with the last 6 digits of the MAC address.  When I did that, I got the dump to indicate that something was transfering, but it looks like to petered out a ways through.  It then goes into a silly arp sequence for a router in the 172.31... network while my network here is 192.168.0..

1)  What files should be in the /tftpboot directory?
2)  Can I get access to the configuration through one of the serial ports (which one)?
3)  Does anyone have one of these beasts "working" with a Linux host?  I like to get it up and running.

I seem to have LOTS of documents on this, but none seem to be of the "step-by step" variety using a Unix (Linux) as the RARP/TFTP host.

I would prefer responses of list, but will read then here if you like.

Yes, these things are a bit old.  Nobody really uses terminal servers these days, and while 40 ports is a bit much, I do have a bunch of serial devices I'd like to connect to.  It looked like this would be a nice thing to get working.


...Tom Watson


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