Making flyback transformers?

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Aug 28 13:29:46 CDT 2010

As some of us know all too well, flyback transofrmers fail, and are often 
next-to-impossible to get. So I have been wondering if it's possible to 
make a replacement...

There would appear to be 2 parts to this. 

1) Desigining the replacement. I think we can assume a schematic of hte 
horizontal output stage it's going to be used in. But how do you 
calcualtor the number of turns on each winding? Since the origianl is 
likely ot be potted in epoxy (for HV insulation reasons), counting the 
turns there is impossible. 

Are there any good references (books, web pages, etc) on the desing of 
such transoformes and/or the design of horizotnal output stages? I would 
have thought something must exist, but I've never seen it.

2) Making the replacement. It owuld ahve to be vacuum pmpregnated, I 
think. But I believe some model engineers who make internal combustion 
engines make the own ignition coils (and vacuum-impregnate them?). Again, 
any good references on doing this?


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