The Commodore 64 is back.. Maybe.. Not really.. Kinda

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Subject: The Commodore 64 is back.. Maybe.. Not really.. Kinda

> the 64 now means 64Bit Computer... Er ehm... yea..
> When you think of it, you can now emulate an Amiga on your Commodore 64..
> In fact you can emulate all the Commmodore computers in virtuals on your 
> Commodore 64..
> Here is the Commodore USA website

A bit lame trying to type on the original C64 layout and keyboard in 
Windows, they could have use the C64C design to lower carpel tunnel 

Instead of building a PC it would have been cool to have a functional C64 
but with USB for joysticks, proper VGA/DVI out, a CDROM, HD, and built in 
networking for moving old data and installing programs but a port for the 
older 1541/1571 drives so you can backup your originals or play them. Device 
drivers for all of that stuff could have been burned to ROM so the thing 
instantly boots and works (plus a bit more then 64K of RAM would be nice). 
Something that would allow you to use all the old software but make life so 
much easier (and maybe a CPU accelerator to do new things). Of course this 
would mean some actual design work instead of just making a new case and 
using an off the shelf atom laptop motherboard.

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