Can you even legally sell stuff with asbestos ?

Joe Giliberti starbase89 at
Wed Dec 1 01:24:55 CST 2010

Asbestos housing tile is one of the better house siding materials in my
opinion. It is very durable, requires little upkeep, and is damn-near
fireproof. Mesothelioma usually sets in 25 years post exposure, so you are
probably safe, Jim.

On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 1:58 AM, jim s <jws at> wrote:

> I'm not sure what material is asbestos in this plugboard, probably the
> laminates in the backer board.
> Unless you saw or break up the material asbestos is not much danger.  Most
> applications where it is present in large quantities will try to contain or
> seal the material in place rather than removing and disposing of it.
> If you ran over this thing with a truck, or took out the backer and ran it
> thru a table or bandsaw you would have a problem.  Leave it together and you
> are probably safe.
> I am worried about the siding on my house than something like this.  All
> asbestos, and about 1/2 installed by me when I was maybe 10 or 12 (1965 was
> an innocent time).

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