what was VMS/OpenVMS written in?

arcarlini at iee.org arcarlini at iee.org
Wed Dec 1 01:42:54 CST 2010

Richard [legalize at xmission.com] wrote:

> The reason I asked is that over on comp.lang.c++ someone
> basically asserted that *all* desktop and server OS software
> was written in C, so I was trying to think of other OSes
> (whether current or not) that weren't written in C to drive
> home the point that LMW is not the entire world. (LMW =
> linux, mac, windows)

Many, many counter-examples obviously.

VAX/VMS started out as almost all MACRO-32 and BLISS-32 plus
a bunch of non-native stuff that came in from RSX-11 and ran
in compatibility mode (does that count?).

Server software makes me think IBM - I bet that much of the original
360 software wasn't in C!


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