what was VMS/OpenVMS written in?

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Wed Dec 1 10:01:39 CST 2010

At 7:30 AM -0800 12/1/10, Gene Buckle wrote:
>I'd love to have another VAX, but I can't afford to feed it. 
>Emulation would be nice. :)

Replacement HW costs are definitely going up.  I managed to score a 
pair of Compaq XP1000's (Alpha 21264 500Mhz & 667Mhz) at the low 
point in their value.  One now has a dead power supply, and last I 
checked XP1000's go for big bucks (not sure about the PS's).  I 
assume drives are getting harder to find, but I have a large stash. 
I have several older Alpha's dating back to a DEC3000/300LX.  My VAX 
hardware is a lot sparser, flakier, and my drive options more limited 
(plus I don't want to run a Q-bus system 24x7 which limits me even 

Still the biggest roadblock on keeping the stuff running is the cost 
of electricity and cooling.  That's what caused me to power down 
MONK, which had been running for over a decade in one form or another.

There are several emulation solutions, I'd recommend looking at SIMH 
first.  I'm thinking of trying it on a Mini-ITX box.


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