Tony Duell ard at
Wed Dec 1 13:16:04 CST 2010

> On 30 Nov 2010 at 19:44, Tony Duell wrote:
> > It's a darn sight easier to debug something when you know what it
> > should be doing and can see what it is doing. The former is much
> > easier to determine for a Z80 than many modern processors (where the
> > instructions are not necesarily executed one at a time in the order
> > you expect). The latter is also much easier to do on a system with
> > external program memory where you cvan conenct a logic analyser to the
> > ROM address lines.
> Fine--why not just do the job with SSI TTL, or even discrete 
> transistors, diodes, resistors, etc.?  I'm sure your junk box is full 
> of those and you can devise any sort of programming or lack thereof 
> that you desire.

_Precisely_. I know you were being sarcastic, but actually, that's just 
my point.

For me (And for many people here), this is a hobby. We do it becasue we 
enjoy it. And that means we get to pick the ways that we enjoy the most. 
Of course sometimes we have to do things we don't enhoy too much, but, at 
least for me, I do them becasue I know that's what's eneded to complete 
the restoration, finish the design, whatever.

But If I happen to like soldering a hundred or so 14 and 16 pin DIL chips 
to a bit of stripboard and connecting them up with roadrunner wire or 
whatever, then, to be frank, that's my business. Doing so doesn't affect 
anyone else. If you want to use an ARM microcontrolelr to do much the 
smae job, well, that's your business. I am certainly not goign to try to 
stop you.

You knwo, I can think of dozens of hobbies that I have no interest in. 
But this doens;t mean I think the people who enjoy them are in any way 
wrong. All I ask is that they let me get on with tinkering with old 


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