what was VMS/OpenVMS written in?

Doc Shipley doc at vaxen.net
Wed Dec 1 16:13:06 CST 2010

On 12/1/10 4:01 PM, Doc Shipley wrote:
> If you'd rather run on lower-power hardware, I'm about to test and sell
> an AlphaStation 500/500, a PWS500, and an LX164 board. I don't remember
> how much RAM the PWS has, but the other 2 have 384MB each.
> Also, somebody here in Texas was interested in the rackmount AS2100. I
> can't find that email, so if you still want it, I've dug it out. Let me
> know off-list when you can come get it. :)
> Why, you ask, am I ditching all my cool AXP gear? My rx2600 (2x 1.5GHz
> ia64, 10GB RAM, SAS3080 SATA) takes care of all my VMS needs these days....
> </gloat>

   Urk!  Sorry about the top post!


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