Tony Duell ard at
Fri Dec 3 15:24:34 CST 2010

> >If you /want/ a newer PC that's not been scrapped, I have a dual
> >Athlon MP 1600+ machine in the garage. It worked, it just very
> >occasionally hard-reset for no apparent reason. It's been extensively
> >cannibalised - now it's just a motherboard in a case - but if you want
> >it it's yours. I can probably find you graphics, sound, hard disks,
> >optical drive, PSU and ancillary cabling.

>     That is SUCH a machine! With linux, I doubt Tony will have something 
> against that :oD

Only that I have absolutely no way of fixing it...

>     Lets' start a campaign: "A modern PC for Tony. Tony using Linux" :oD 

Firstly, what do you think I am using at this very moment?

Secondly, why do you want to change me. Surely the machine I chose to use 
is my business? Why do you think my life would be improved in any way if 
I had such a machine?


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