Drive Type International Memories, Inc. (IMI) 5012H

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Mon Dec 6 16:31:52 CST 2010

If the geometry is really a mystery (I don't think it is), I do have 
a program I wrote some years back to determine the geometry of any 
drive, IDE, ESDI or MFM/RLL.  The former two by issuing an IDENTIFY 
command; the latter by a binary-search type of approach.  As long as 
the MFM drive is formatted and readable, I can determine the actual 
geometry--it uses direct I/O port access (either PC/XT or AT-style 
controllers) and does not rely on the BIOS.

(With a nod in Tony's direction)  This obviously is for PCs and 
compatibles, sorry.


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