PDP 11/24 and VAX 3500 available

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Mon Dec 13 09:02:18 CST 2010

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> Subject: PDP 11/24 and VAX 3500 available
> I'm thinning down my collection and have a PDP 11/24 and a VAX 3500
> available - free but collecton only (UK).
> The 11/24 could do with a clean, but it looks to be complete and has the
> missing power key as well. Internally there are several cards.
> The VAX 3500 is in a desk side pedestal style case. It has wheels so can
> moved. In nice condition cosmetically. No idea what cards etc are
> Both units have never been powered up by me, and would need to be
> checked, etc before powering up. Given away as is - for spares or repair.
> Collection only. Contact me by email if interested.

It would help to say where in the UK. I wouldn't mind a PDP-11 but I don't
think I have the space.



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