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Mon Dec 13 18:21:46 CST 2010

On Mon, 13 Dec 2010, Fred Cisin wrote:

> On Mon, 13 Dec 2010, Chuck Guzis wrote:
>> Another skill to be learned was the ability to block-print neatly and
>> legibly, differentiating "1" from "I", "0" from "O", etc.  It was all
>> uppercase, so that simplified things somewhat.  To this day, I still
>> put a line through my "7", although I've dropped the stroke through
>> my zero as most people find it to be confusing.
> A long time ago, there used to be some people who put slashes through the
> letter 'o', to differentiate it from the numeral '0'.  Are they ALL dead
> now?
> One of MICROS~1's early attempts at OCR on their order forms gave examples
> of how they wanted the letters formed, and included slashing the letter
> 'o'!

I forget who, but someone wanted the letter 'O' to have a dot in the 

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