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From: Alexandre Souza - Listas
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>     I still think of a distribuited mailist system. Imagine:
>     - servers scattered around the world, with copies of the list(s)
>     - It would distribute the mail to the nearest list members
>     - Servers could automatically enter or exit the network. When it entered 
> the network, it would rsync all containt and take a "slice" of the members 
> to distribute the messages. Every server would ping all the net from time to 
> time. 12 hours out the net? It would be marked as "missing" and other server 
> (or servers) would share the load and redistribute the messages to the 
> affected list members

>     It would take a global thermonuclear war to kill everything. And it 
> would be difficult to happen.

>     Working this way, any dude could have a "reflector" of the list traffic. 
> Since we're talking plain text here, the packet sharing between the 
> "reflectors" would be light and easy on the networks. Any user could say "I 
> can share content here" and have a machine dedicated to help. Also, full 
> plaintext of lists would be easier to extract and distribute. And of course, 
> backup :)

>     Developers, think about that. Maybe a new list standard could born from 
> this talk.

Hmm.  Let me think.  Isn't this called Usenet?

Some of the features listed don't exist in nntp (NetNews Transport Protocol),
but that's what the RFC process is for:  Adding private security (accounts
and such), removing the CANCEL message form, that kind of thing, could all
be done if people want to.

There are any number of privately managed netnews hierarchies these days,
not just the Big 8(TM) and alt.*, so one or a few more that used a more
restrictive nntp implementation will be down in the noise, just like private
mailing lists are.

That's my 2d 'orth.

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